Digital Cube Desk Stand Organizer

Digital Cube Desk Stand Organizer

Temperature Date And Time Musical Alarm Color light Pen holder Countdown timer Alarm clock Time display Music Alarm Pep up the look of your office desk with the lovely wooden pen stand . The pen stand is great to hold all your pens and pencils in place. Experience a fusion of functionality and style!

The Cube Desk Stand is designed to enhance the desk top and can be placed in the home or office, etc. if you have trouble getting to your appointments on time try this silver matte cube desk caddy with the alarm clock! It also helps you keep your desktop organized and neat! Ordinary alarm time can be set up in alarm mode; different music can be selected to come with the ringing. Additionally the exact interval hours could be set up under sleeping mode.


Stationery holder
Calender temperature alarm cloth”
Easy to operate according to specifications
Display month day time temperature
Large clear lcd display
Usefull in home/offices


Digital Cube Desk Stand Organizer



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