International Student

International Students

All foreign candidates must satisfy the following requirements, aside from the normal entry requirements for every program, before they can proceed with their studies in the University if offered admission.

Possession of the following documents:

Requirements for ECOWAS Member States/Residence Card

1. Valid International passport or ECOWAS Travel Certificate

2. Letter of Admission

3. Letter of Acceptance of Offer

4. Declaration of age

5. 3 passport sized photographs

6. Application/Acceptance of Immigration responsibility by ABU (on letter-headed paper).

Requirements for Non-ECOWAS Member States/CERPAC

1. Valid International passport

2. Letter of Admission

3. Valid Visa – STR (subject to regularisation)

4. Letter of Acceptance of Offer

5. Declaration of age

6. 3 passport sized photographs

7. Application/Acceptance of Immigration responsibility (on letter letter-headed.


1. UN refugee passport

2. Evidence of full accreditation in Nigeria

3. Fee – N500.

Procedures for Filing Applications

Applications for a residence card (ECOWAS States) or combined expatriate residence permit and aliens card (CERPAC) for the non-ECOWAS Member States should be addressed to the State Comptroller of Immigration, Kaduna through the in-charge Zaria office for processing.

Requirements to Accompany the Application

All applicants are expected to pay the following fee;

1. ECOWAS member countries: N500:00 – N2, 500:00 depending on the nationality of the applicant.

2. Other nationals: $25 or the naira equivalent for (CERPAC) Residence permit irrespective of the applicant’s nationality.

Immigration Responsibilities of the Students on the University

The University must accept full immigration responsibilities on behalf of the students before applications for regularisation could be processed.

Other Information

– An endorsement at the point of entry to show that the applicant entered the country legally.

– All applicants are expected to submit photocopies of their documents in triplicate except the letter of acceptance of immigration responsibility which MUST BE ORIGINAL.

– The residence card is renewable after 2 years while CERPAC is only for one year.

– Holders of any immigration facility who engage in any crime or related offenses stand the chance of losing such right even before its expiration.

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