M.Sc. Economics

M.Sc. Economics

The main objectives of the programs are to develop highly competent and versatile professional economists through the provision of relevant academic and professional courses which are required in other to meet the development challenges of the Nigerian the economy in the context of globalization. Specifically, the programs are designed to rigorously train highly competent personnel for an academic career and groom middle and top management personnel in the areas of energy and petroleum, manufacturing, industry, banking and finance.

A strong understanding of economics is foundational to progressive development and functioning in the global economy. Knowledge of economics is key to establishing successful trade, monetary, and welfare policies across the nation. This program provides students with a highly advanced level of training in primary areas of economics, micro and macroeconomics, monetary theory and policy, financial economics, developmental economics, and other areas while also enabling them to diversify across the broad range of the fields such as international economics, public sector economics, and other areas to specialize according to their interests.

The course is designed with a broad range of global economic and topical issues in mind, including the sub-Saharan African economy and its current challenges. With this degree, you will acquire transferrable skills that will make you highly valuable across the public and private sectors and accelerate you into a highly lucrative career path. Furthermore, this advanced program serves as a strong foundation for students seeking Ph.D. programs and other research-centric careers.

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