Any person who believes he or she has been the victim of sexual harassment by a board member, A parent, a volunteer, an administrator, faculty member, student, or employee of the Centre are encouraged to report and discuss the alleged acts immediately and confidentially with the Sexual Harassment Coordinator. Any complaints of alleged sexual harassment made to the Sexual
Harassment Coordinator will be discussed fully and confidentially with the person raising the Complaint or concern and will require approval of the reporter before disclosure or direct Investigation of the matter.

If, after discussion by the reporting person with the Sexual Harassment Coordinator, it is agreed between the reporting party and the Sexual Harassment Coordinator that a more detailed investigation is appropriate, the following investigative procedure will be utilized.


Information, complaints, and other security-related problems should be promptly reported to the Security Sub-Unit offices or the Security Headquarters. Allegations of misconduct of any kind
leveled against staff members are treated with seriousness. If issues are irreconcilable and fall under gross misconduct, the director of the centre and the University Disciplinary Committee are
involved through the registrar.

The Registrar will, on behalf of the Senior Staff Disciplinary Committee (SSDC),

– Issue queries to the staff and obtains their written response

– Thereafter, invitation letters will be sent to the affected staff to appear before the Committee, indicating the date, time, and venue of the meeting.

– The letters of invitation to staff will clearly notify them that the Senior Staff Disciplinary Committee had been mandated to give them another opportunity to defend themselves against the charges leveled against them.

– During the appearance, the charges against them will be read out to them and the Committee will re-iterate the fact that it is an Administrative Panel and not a judicial panel, constituted to give them a fair hearing.

– Letters of suspension may be issued to erring staff, pending their appearance before the Senior Staff Disciplinary Committee.

– The Vice-Chancellor shall ensure that proper and fair opportunity is given to the staff member to respond to the case instituted against him.

– The recommendation of the Senior Staff Disciplinary Committee will be subject to confirmation by the Governing Council.

– For a Junior Staff member, the Registrar will refer the case to the Junior Staff Disciplinary Committee for appropriate disciplinary action in accordance with the Junior Staff Regulations.

– During the proceedings, members of the Committee will ask pertinent questions to obtain clarifications on issues raised in their written or oral testimony.

– At the end of the hearing, members of the Committee will assess the defenses of the staff on each of the charges leveled against them, the testimony of the witness(es), and other available evidence before a verdict is finally reached.

– In all cases, due process must be observed.

– The ultimate penalty for gross misconduct is dismissal. The dismissal shall be effective from the date on which he is notified thereof.

– The decision of the Council on such a petition/appeal shall be final