Each center of economics and finance in the respective schools has dedicated accommodation arrangements for its prospective students. The facility has hostel accommodation comprising 66 single rooms and 33 double rooms that are all fully furnished. The hostel also has a gymnasium, seven common rooms, two meeting rooms, 13 laundry rooms, two communication rooms, and
two Hall Chairman’s Suites. However, the participating schools also have dedicated hostels for postgraduate students should the student prefer. All of the respective accommodations are
subject to the following rules:

General Residency Regulation
(i) The right to occupy a room is not transferable. It is an offense punishable by expulsion from the hall for any student to accommodate any visitor in his/her room overnight without the written permission of the Hall Chairman.

(ii) Students are held liable for any careless or wilful destruction or damage of CENEF and the University property of which they are responsible.

(iii) At the close of the semester or the end of their course, students are required to return, immediately, all keys and other CENEF and the University properties. No student is allowed to
install any locks in his/her room without permission from the Hall Administrator. When permission is granted, the student concerned should retain only one key and the rest must be sent to the porter. Such extra locks automatically become University property.


Allocation of Accommodation in the Halls of Residence
1. A student shall not obtain accommodation and sell accommodation to another student.

2. A student shall not keep non-students in rooms.

3. A student shall not obtain double accommodation in one Or more Halls of Residence.

4. An undergraduate student shall not take Accommodation in the Postgraduate Hall.

5. No Graduate Assistant who is a University Staff on study Leave who takes Housing
Allowance or is provided with accommodation shall take accommodation in the Postgraduate Hall.

6. Part-time postgraduate students shall not take Accommodation in the Postgraduate hall.

7. A student shall not harbor any squatters in the Halls of residence.

8. A student shall not participate in noisy religious worship in the Halls of Residence and outside of designated areas for religion.

9. All personal properties should be registered first with the security at the gate and with the Hall Administrator.

10. Religious activities within the halls such as meetings and preaching which are capable of breaching peace is prohibited.

11. All grievances, complaints, and reports must be channeled through the Hall Administrator/Security Officer in the hall. The Student Affairs Division and the University

Administration will not entertain complaints, reports, and grievances made outside authorized channels.

12. Possession of dangerous weapons and illicit drugs and sale of either is strictly prohibited. The penalty of which is expulsion from the CENEF and the University.

13. Students will be surcharged for any damage to University property.

14. Students’ residency does not include spouses. Students wishing to live with their spouses should secure accommodation off-campus.

15. Students should not post any bills on buildings and other facilities on campus. Originators of such bills will be held responsible for damaging or smearing the CENEF and the University building and other facilities; all bills should be posted on Notice Boards only.

16. Defecating and urinating other than in the urinary/toilet is strictly prohibited. The penalty of which is loss of bed-space.

17. Unauthorized tampering with University facilities including the television and cable satellite provided in the common rooms is strictly prohibited. The penalty of which is loss of bed space and surcharge for damages.
18. Electronic transmission/broadcast in any form and erection of antenna for television, radio, cable satellite, etc is prohibited. The penalty of which is loss of bed-space for the entire occupants and confiscation of items erected.

19. A student shall not walk on/across the lawns.

20. Indecent use of the bathrooms and toilets shall not be allowed.

21. A student shall not wash clothes on the verandah.
22. A student shall not disturb ornamental plants.

23. A student shall not ride a motorcycle within the Halls of Residence.

24. A student shall not cook in the rooms and along the Corridors.

25. Indiscriminate littering of the environment shall not be allowed.

26. A student shall not discharge human waste in an Unauthorised place.

27. A student shall not walk across the top of cover-ways.

28. A student shall not pour water from top floors.

29. A student shall not create unauthorized entrances in the halls of residences.

30. A student shall not move any CENEF and the University property from one Hall to another.


The following sanctions shall apply to any violation of the codes listed:

– Forfeiture of bed space and accommodation fees.

– Ejection from The Hall and black-listing for the first offender(s)

– Suspension from the CENEF and the University for a Semester for a second Offender(s).

– Students who commit serious violations shall be made to appear before the University Disciplinary Committee.

– Expulsion from the Halls of Residence and be made to appear before the disciplinary committee.

– PG students, who wish to request special accommodation allotment due to a Disability, should notify the Deans of Student Affairs of the specific request. Requests based on medical need or situation should also be directed to the Dean of Student Affairs.

– Documentation of a disability or medical condition will be required to establish the need for a special allocation of accommodation. Documentation must include an evaluation by an appropriate professional and validated by the University Medical Director. Students seeking special accommodation based on a disability, or requesting some service based on a medical
or psychological condition, should notify the relevant officers of the Student Affairs. The final evaluation of the request rests with the CENEF and the University.